The problem with season change

In my blog, as you may have already noticed, I talk about struggles that autistic people face but which probably are not even taken into account by non autistic people. Because autism gives you little big battles, that other people will surely find unimportant.

Today’s topic is something I’ve been experiencing but which I haven’t been conscious about till my mom started commenting how much it took me to adapt to new seasons.
The problem is not literally about the climate change in seasons, but the consequences of this change: new clothes. Changing from long sleeved shirts to t-shirts. From log warm trousers to shorts. From closed shoes to flip flops. While welcomed by neurotypicals because of how comfortable it feels, for us, it’s still a transition and consequently, very difficult for some. Specially for those who stick to routines and/or those who are hypersensitive to cloth material.
For me, it takes a lot to use the correct type of clothes for a certain season. This means you perfectly can imagine me wearing shorts in deep December and trousers in June. When I choose clothes, I don’t think I consider the season we’re in, but just what I’ve been wearing lately. This year has been the worst. I hardly made the transition from summer clothes to winter clothes in November, and I think I started wearing warmer clothes in march.😅
In the beginning of may, I considered it was time to wear long sleeved shirts and trousers. It was my mother who had to tell me “It’s almost summer, go change that!”
And I realized what I had been doing wrong.
Now, I’ve finally been able to completely adapt to using shorts and flip flops and stuff.

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