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Far, Far away

Noah, 4 y/o with High Functioning Autism.
His mom has a wonderful blog and an inspiring Instagram page.

I feel I come from somewhere far, very far away from here. Some place where I’m not judged. Where I’m accepted, loved and cared for. Somewhere I can be myself without anxiety, without fear of being told off because of my “different” behaviours. Somewhere Autism is not seen as a disability but as a different ability. Where autism is the “common”, or at least, perceived as a different kind of “common”, just as it is wearing glasses. No one would doubt of someone’s ability to be an active part of society for wearing glasses. That’s what my world is about.
Treated well

I hope, for the future generations with autism, that society will be able to discover how strong and determined autistic people can be.
Although I’m autistic, I know I’ll be able to get through life, and live as plenty as one can live with just my monthly therapy session.
But I fear for my friends. Almost the half of them are way more affected, and although I believe in them, they’re going to struggle a lot. My concerns are about the help they’re going to get. I feel it is not going to be enough. That’s why I want to study autism when I grow up. To bring better opportunities for those who need time and support.
Kids and teens, and adults with autism should not be underestimated. We’re as capable as you of working and earning a living, just with help you don’t need. Is that as difficult to understand as to give up on us? I don’t get it.
We need to learn more each day.


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