Autism = difficulty with use of language. That’s something I agree with. Although I just feel mildly impaired in terms of using language, there’s still a real struggle. I had a little speech delay (I didn’t speak well and used verbal communication regularly till I was 4, but started talking at 3±. During this first year, people had a difficult time understanding me) I was put in “early intervention” therapy and I started to communicate more.
But I don’t feel I talk as my peers do. Their speed is higher than mine, their communicative level is much better. I sometimes speak in a formal manner, with words that not everyone understands. I’ve been told it’s not necessary to do it, but I can’t help it.
I don’t use any sarcasm, or figurative language. I simply don’t understand it. This makes it even harder. I am trying to learn it. I’ve been explained some expressions, but I still don’t know if they’re used in a serious way or not.
I’ve also been told that I need to look for cues that may help me understand jokes: body language, tone of voice et cetera. But one doesn’t simply think about all these when they’re talking. Or at least, I don’t.
I’m hypersensitive to sounds so when I’m having a conversation, I can only focus on what I’m being told, if I try to keep eye contact or look for body language, I won’t hear anything with all the background sounds.
With people though, I’ve learned to improve my language skills.
I don’t know if I’ll ever get to their level, but, I know I will be able to be better each day. Autism is teaching me to try and improve as a person and to amaze myself whenever I notice I’ve learnt some new skill. It’s very rewarding.😊😇💯💪✌️🤘🌈✨🌟⭐

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