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Don’t fear your diagnosis

This goes dedicated to those (parents/teens/adults) who are not sure how to settle down their diagnoses.
It’s fine, it’s nothing bad. It helps you understand yourself/your child more. It may make your life easier in the long run. Knowing you are going to be helped to overcome the struggles life brings you. It’s fantastic. Because the main point of receiving a diagnosis is something great, so that people understand you/your kid and, with this help, you/your child will definitely thrive.
You don’t have to pretend “socially correct” behaviour →if you don’t know the “rules” it is fine.
(Specially for parents: don’t try to see the child you think is hiding behind the autism. This is your child. Autism is not “removable”. This is how things came, and you can do your best to give your kid the best life you can)

Fight for allowances if you know you need them. Don’t let anyone tell you “you don’t look autistic” . Let straight that you will need some help – and that you’re willing to get it-

But, the most important, love yourself!


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