I’m autistic, I’m not silly

Having autism doesn’t mean we are unaware of certain things. For example, although we might be literal at times, we are experts in noticing your attitude towards us. We can notice if you’re tired of us or if you don’t give a damm. We may not say anything but we understand this.
And the worst thing you can do – which I’ve experienced too much! – is talking to others about us as if we weren’t in the room. That we don’t talk much doesn’t mean we don’t understand what you’re saying. So what you say matters.
I’m autistic, but a human being.
We want to have friends, we want to talk to people. We want to engage in social relationships.
What you see is the result of years of denial of help with these social things.
What is that result? Frustration of a life of being left out and being told we’re deficient. These lead to the common passiveness that autistic people show towards people. If we had gotten more help and less underestimation, we could have progressed more.
Is a person who needs some extra help with math -for example- silly? Would they be left out? I don’t think so. We’re same. We need a bit of help with forming relationships, but that’s all. We can be as successful as you if we get the services we need.


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