Kanner’s autism vs. Asperger’s syndrome

We all know that there are different kinds of autism, for it is called a spectrum of conditions.

Classical Autism, other way called Kanner’s autism has its name in honor of Leo Kanner, who first described autism and gave the name to the condition; and also, its name makes reference to how easy it is to diagnose it. No wonder, Kanner’s autism refers to the kid who shows all the symptoms of the “disorder” clearly around 15 months.

The family will find it easy with finding a proper diagnosis and consequently, treatment.

People who are affected by Kanner’s autism are likely to have clear, evident struggles with speech and some of them are non verbal- roughly 25% of autistics use few or no words – Learning disabilities are common among this group and some may not reach independence.

And now, Asperger’s… well, it’s basically the contrary to Kanner’s autism. Symptoms are the majority of time unclear/overlooked because of how subtle they are. At 18 months, signs are very likely not to be in place, so this syndrome is usually diagnosed at 4 or 5 y/o, which is sort of late in comparison with classical autism. Even some of them are never diagnosed. Services are less available to us, as we are expected to be able to pass as a neurotypical -non autistic-

I actually believe that people with asperger’s struggle a lot more than you may think. This is why I strongly believe that services should be as available for us as for the other groups of autism

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