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Not everything about autism is great. Of course not. Although I tend to talk about it in a neutral-positive way, I also have to tell you the truth about its other face.

To start with, meltdowns are an automatic response to sensory overload. It’s more common in autism than in the general population, but everyone can have meltdowns at some point of their lives.

They’re like an anxiety attacks, simply deeper. You lose all your control. All. This is what differs them to temper tantrums. Tantrums are a goal oriented action. In meltdowns, even when you’re given what you want – if any – the meltdown might and will surely continue. e.g ↓

An adult is melting down because it’s too loud. He’ll scream, he’ll cry, he’ll maybe run… Even when the sound is stopped, or when he’s taken out of the situation, it’s likely that the meltdown keeps going.

It takes a lot to recover. Me myself,… Well, almost 2 hours to be able to even talk again. These things are the ones that make me feel really disabled…

Because meltdowns feel terrible… The most “ridiculous” thing can cause a sensory meltdown… Be open minded

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