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See the person, not the label

“Because of his autism, he can’t speak very well yet” “My child has an autistic obsession with trains” “I’m worried, my kid has such an autistic personality”

This kind of phrases, they have to finish. I’ve heard those way too much. It’s time to raise acceptance and stop using the A word to describe a kid, or an autistic person. We’re foremost persons. We could change those phrases and say “He struggles a bit with language, but he’s trying very hard”, “My child is keen on trains, I think he’s an expert on the subject!”, “My kid has a unique personality”

You should call a kid by their name, not his diagnosis. If you want to talk about them, you should say “John, who is my neighbor, just entered school” instead of saying “The kid with autism who entered school recently is my neighbor”

Kids and adults have a name. Their diagnosis is not to be used as their names. These diagnosis are made to help them, and to recognise some of their struggles, and aren’t meant to define a kid for life.




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