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Autism and the problem with phone calls

I’m someone who doesn’t stand any kind of calls, I just can’t handle the anxiety it gives me.

I don’t know the reason why, it’s something our of my comprehension at the moment, and although many people tell me to try and get over it, they simply don’t know how frustrating the communication becomes when calling anyone.

I can tell you, I don’t know how and when to talk, what tone of voice to keep and when it’s my turn. How am I even supposed to know? Even with family, I keep myself away from calls, and I only do those which are necessary, and I always end up overwhelmed and out of energy.

Many of my calls end in meltdowns, that’s why I always choose my mental health over calls.

And videoconferences. Now with the pandemic, my teachers arrange videoconferences. I had to explain to them how I would not attend any of these – they are even worse than simple calls- and I’m lucky they understood.

Does any of you have this problem, too?


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