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We’ll get there

I want to remind you something: we’re people, (regular teens). Because of this:

✓ We like to do things everyone our age likes doing: this is, we want to hang out with friends, eat out with them and some of us – just as you – want to go to the discotheque!
✓ Some of us will want to look fashionable. We may follow “X” trends. (It’s true that autistic people might not be so worried with this, but this doesn’t discard us)
✓ We want to go shopping with friends
✓ We want to stay at our friends’ houses
✓ We want to give a try to social media
✓ We want to take selfies, and in general, good pictures of us.
✓ We want to watch series from Netflix
✓ We get to our teenage years and we become defiant, sometimes bossy, we argue with our parents, we may break the rules.

(Personally speaking now, I’ve reached some of the points discussed above later than most teens. Some of them are very unnecessary and boring for me anyway)

We are autistic, because of this:
✓ We may sometimes not follow the crowd at all.
✓ Fashions are not important for some of us, or our perception of ‘ fashion ‘ is different to others’
✓ Struggle to find good friends to hang out with.
✓ We may not say much about it, but we need some help when trying new things.
✓ We may not follow anything that has to do with teenagers.

Everyone has their likes, dislikes, just as some NTs don’t follow the crowd either.
However, I believe that no autistc teen should be “forced” or feel pressured to do things teens their age do.
We’ll get there. At our own pace.
We’ll get there.



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