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Autism in the media

Many TV programs, movies, series et cetera have tried to portrait autism.
Who hasn’t seen rain Man? Umm. At the beginning of all the awareness process for autism, that was everything people could get to know about autism.
Sadly nowadays, quite a lot people still rely on this as an accurate representation of autism, which everyone knows, is everything but accurate.
When you watch any film which tells a story about autism spectrum disorder, there’s something that you should know:
It’s a story about an autistic person. One. One in 1% of all the world’s autistc community. About their own, personal, and unique autism condition. I don’t understand why people can think it’s a representative of all the spectrum. It’s logic! One story = One type of autism. But no, people think: One story = Everyone on the spectrum.
That’s what is creating stereotypes.
Sheldon Cooper is also a good example. He’s thought to have a High Functioning Autism disorder.
Why is it so generalized that when people hear the words “High Functioning Autism” think about him? No wonder I can’t be autistc to anyone. I’m not Sheldon. In this way, everyone I’ve known with this diagnosis wouldn’t even be close to it.
The Good Doctor is better than many other series, Freddie Highmore does a great job! I had been watching the series for a whole season, but I started having meltdowns. I simply could relate to some of his behaviours and struggles so I stopped watching it.
Criminal Minds, where Spencer Reid has autism. For me it is the best representation so far. Not exaggerated, and it is not as visible that he’s autistc as it is in TGD. He’s eccentric, doesn’t like touch, moves his hands a lot, makes jokes few people can understand and we can keep counting.
Miracle Run is a good film, too. It’s about a mother’s fight for her autistic twins. Of course at the end, both of them thrive.


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