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How to interact with neurotypicals (For autistics)

Reminder This is a difficult post for me. I am autistic, and interaction is tricky for me. I’m writing about a few things I think I’ve understood. Just hopes this helps, even if only just a tiny bit.

  1. Expect touch. (If the person knows you) Neurotypicals have -in general- a natural will to touch people.
    If you’re meeting the person for the first time, they might offer a handshake, if you’re okay with it, perfect! If not, just wave “hi”
  2. Expect figurative language. That’s some little thing that makes Neurotypicals to enjoy interacting. They like, the most of them, to make jokes rewarding someone else.
  3. You better answer and talk. Neurotypicals can’t stand awkward silences. They may start thinking you don’t like them. One tip: let them do the talking. Encourage them to talk about something they want to and simply listen, and make little comments. This will make it easier for you and they will leave loving having talked to you because they will have felt cared for by someone else.
  4. Expect listening them talk about something you don’t like at all, or don’t know about. This brings us to point 3. Let them talk. Just listen, or pretend to listen by making small sounds like “Umm” “I see” and things like that.

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