Although regression is usually matched with little autistic kids, it’s not specifically of them. Older autistic people can also have regressions.

Me myself feel my life is full of constant progressions and regressions, these occur after achieving a new skill. This happens every time, anywhere. I mean, it can happen anytime.

My first conscious horrible autistic regression started when I had a major “headache” which made me lose my “mental speed” all of a sudden. Simple tasks started being impossible to carry on. I started talking slower each time. Talking became tiring.

This was the moment I realized that this would not be the last one I would experience. For now, I haven’t had such a severe one. These are embarassing though.

And they are something I can’t handle at all yet, I can’t literally “help myself” with this. I tend to try to improve my everyday skills by getting to know my struggles and then giving possible solutions.

But regressions are something worse, I simply don’t know what to do. Right now, it’s something beyond my abilities.


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