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I think I retire from acting – The liberation of getting a diagnosis

Being an aspie might mean you get late diagnosed.
It might mean you’ve been hiding your struggles because of fear of being told you were quirky and that certain things happen to everyone. Your struggles were underestimated.
It might mean there’ll be a moment when you can’t no longer stand it.
When this moment arrives, it’s mainly because you’ve being feeling a strong pressure from society. It’s like holding down anxiety and then exploding.
This is difficult. You will be told a lot of things that may seem you’re a hopeless case.
But keep going. If you consider it, go get a diagnosis. I tell you. It’s maybe one of the most relieving moments of your life. If it turns out you’re autistic, your struggles will be finally recognised and consequently, you’ll have an easier time looking for help. The world will make sense.
If it turns out you’re not autistic, then don’t stop there. It doesn’t deny your experiences. Keep moving. Ask for being evaluated deeper. You’ll get what you need. And don’t be afraid of telling your concerns to your evaluator.

Autism is a spectrum: all your experiences are valid.

Stay strong,💙♥️


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