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The problem with labelling

Labelling the functionality of an autistic person is not accurate. This is something that makes people believe how your life is going to be, based on the label: “High Functional” or “Low functional”

It doesn’t help. If you’re “High functional” then of course, you are expected to meet all the standards that neurotypicals do, and this is almost always, exhausting. If you don’t meet those standards, guess whose fault is it?

On the other hand, if you’re “low functional”, then it basically means you can not do anything by yourself and are treated as a deficient person. We need to remember that those who are diagnosed with severe autism at first place might move through the spectrum in their lives. That means that a kid who was diagnosed with “severe autism” can improve and be diagnosed with “moderate” or “mild” autism later in life.

I bet that if there was more acceptance and awareness of autism, functionality levels wouldn’t be necessary at all, and everyone would benefit from being treated personally, as a unique individual, with a personal level of autism.

Comments on this topic are appreciated!


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