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What is ASD?

Some of you may know, some of you may not. Some of you have doubts, so I am here to explain the basics. Other posts will be discussing concrect aspects.

ASD, (Autism Spectrum Disorders) are a group of developmental disorders which affect communication, behaviour and understanding of language. Some autistics* are verbal, others aren’t. If you know someone with autism, their traits will likely not match the rest’s symptoms. In autism you can not stereotype the severity of the symptoms, for it is called “a spectrum”

Some of the general signs are:

  1. Difficulty in socialisation. Who doesn’t know this one? We are all likely to match being socially shy with being autistic. Some people even ask someone if they’re autistic if they spot shyness. Just don’t. Many autistics are sociable,and have friends.
  2. Obsessions. If an autistic finds something they like, they focus on that and no more. True.
  3. Sarcasm. It’s difficult, as they take things literally, but they can understand humor. Many times they have a sense of humor which not everybody can understand


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