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About the blog

I started investigating about ASD around 2017, because I had met a friend with the condition and I did not know how to proceed. I am a person who gets “stuck” with subjects I like. This was one. I am not sure why, but I guess that differences are sort of attractive.

We need all kind of minds in the world… Let’s call it: Evolution

As I researched about autism, I started to see how misunderstood it was, and I wanted to do something to help raise awareness but mainly acceptance. A lot of people have heard the word “Autism” but I know that the majority of them do not really know what it is, what it is not… Chaos.

I am not willing to let the world keep making stereotypes about ASD in general, I want autistic people to be able to reach their full potential and so take as much part of society as possible, because we are foremost, persons who have feelings and have a say in how we want our lives to be.

So, spread the word: Support and accept autistic people!

We want acceptance… We’ve already raised enogh awareness

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